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Photo-Credits from left to right, top to bottom; - Pixabay.


Photos: BubbleJuice; WeAppU; saguari; Alexas_Fotos; Skitterphoto; DerSilent; Piro4d; Gellinger; mistralfamilie; kalhh

Photos: anaterate; Kathy2408; ulleo; makamuki0

Photos: makamuki0; makamuki0

Photos: makamuki0

Photos: WikimediaImages; MabelAmber; WikimediaImages

Photos: Kathy2408; Momentmal; Elsemargriet


Banner 1, by BubbleJuice; - Pixabay

Banner 2, Screenshots

Banner 3, Mammals, by WeAppU; Reptiles/Amphibians, by saguari; Birds, by Alexas_Fotos; Plants/Trees, by Skitterphoto; Insects/Terrestrial-invertebrates, by DerSilent; Mushrooms/Fern plants/Lichens/Mosses, by Gellinger; Fishes/Aquatic-invertebrates, by mistralfamilie; Glossary, by Piro4d; Quiz, by kalhh; - Pixabay

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